A novel biological neural network to reveal the cause of locomotion deficits in Parkingson's

Project Details


We will build a unique neural network composed of spiking and non-spiking neurons whose communication is modulated by dopamine. This will be interfaced with a simulated muscle model of the lower limbs to provide sensory feedback, allowing us to gain further insight into the cause of locomotion deficits in PD.

Key findings

Parkinson's Disease, Neural network, brain

Layman's description

Silvia Tolu's project seeks to develop an analytical model for describing in new detail how declining levels of the dopamine neurotransmitter may cause a breakdown in the networks of neurons in the brain that are involved in movement. And, thus, how they cause the difficulty in movement, including a tendency to "freezing”, experienced by Parkinson's patients.
Effective start/end date02/05/202201/05/2024


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