A Guidebook for Sustainability Performance Measurement for Transportation Agencies

  • Gudmundsson, Henrik (Project Participant)

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    This guidebook provides state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other transportation agencies with a practical and easy-to-use approach to identify and apply sustainabilityrelated performance measures, some number of which may already be integrated into agency business practices, to produce a new lens through which decision makers can view their agency’s performance. It describes the underlying principles of sustainability as it relates to transportation, possible goals that can be used to address those principles, and performance measures that can be used to address those goals. Aspects of sustainability-related performance measures, including data sources and examples of use, are discussed. A reference compendium of performance measures has also been provided. This guidebook should be of immediate use to those who have mastered the basics of performance measurement and who are familiar with their own agencies’ performance measurement program, but who are challenged with providing useful information to agency leadership on how effectively their organization is meeting or can meet sustainability goals. Examples from DOTs, private industry, and Europe illustrate how sustainability can be successfully added to an agency’s extant performance measurement system.
    AcronymNCHRP Report 708
    Effective start/end date09/07/200908/07/2011