A framework for fleet and area based fisheries management (AFRAME) (38110)

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Basing advice on fleets or fisheries requires switching focus from a biological unit (a fish stock) to a social one (a fleet or fishery). This is a major shift away from the current TAC-dominated, stock-based approach. The general objective of the AFRAME project was to develop an operational area- and fleet-based framework that integrates single-species assessment and advice. The framework must be robust to uncertainty caused by, for instance, lack of discard data. Work also included development of indicators as a basis for setting management targets, as well as the analysis of stakeholder perspective in relation to these developments.

Three case studies of mixed demersal fisheries were included focusing on areas where the need for a fleet-based management is particularly urgent: (i) The North Sea, (ii) The Western Waters in ICES areas VII & VIII (Celtic Sea to the Bay of Biscay), and (iii) the Eastern Mediterranean.

The AFRAME project has been particularly successful in developing a simple and operational approach for mixed-fisheries advice. This approach is now integrated as part of the ICES Advice for the North Sea, through the setup of a dedicated working group applying this approach on a routine basis.

The project was coordinated by Marine and Food Technological Centre (AZTI), Spain.
Research area: Fisheries Management
Effective start/end date01/01/200731/12/2009