A Cost-effective Large-scale Power to Power Storage

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GridScale will, at market introduction, provide a significant part of the “missing link” in the green transition, offering cost-effective electric energy storage with duration of hours to weeks. This range covers both the 8-18 h duration required for day-to-day smoothing of solar PV, and the 3 to 7 days duration required for smoothing of wind power over gaps caused by low wind periods. The overall impact of a successful project will be the facilitation of much higher renewable energy penetration than is presently possible. The project builds upon previous successes where the technology has been developed and demonstrated in models and smaller scale. This project will (1) Develop detailed future-proof requirements to the GridScale battery for Denmark and Europe based on energy system analysis and (2) Unleash technical university expertise and models to design a charge/discharge unit tailored for GridScale and optimise the storage unit and (3) Accelerating the commercial scale design to be ready for implementation in the first phase of energy island and be the first commercially available cost efficient long term power to power storage technology that can be built all over the world.

Collaborative Partners: Andel Holding A/S (Lead); Stiesdal Storage Technologies A/S; Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S; Welcon A/S; Energi Danmark A/S; Technical University of Denmark; Aarhus University; Energy Cluster Denmark.
Short titleGridScale
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2023