A Coordinated Action towards the promotion and consolidation of all RTD activities for large-scale integration of DER in the electricity market

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    The integration of DER in the European electricity networks has attracted attention of energy producers, network operators, policy makers and R&D community. In some countries it created a number of challenges for the electricity supply system creating barriers for further expansion of DER. Furthermore, there exists a lack of awareness and understanding of the possible benefits and scope of DER in the electricity system, while environmental goals and security of supply issues ask for solutions that DER c ould give in the future. The SOLID-DER Coordination Action will tackle the barriers for further integration of DER, overcoming the lack of awareness and fragmentation in EU R&D results by consolidating all European DER research activities. In particula r awareness of DER solutions and benefits will be raised in the new Member States, thereby addressing the specific issues and barriers faced here. Consequently the key objectives of the project are: Identify and assess the critical developments, innovation s and findings in meeting the R&D needs for large-scale integration of DER. It concerns developments in the field of legislation, regulation, DER support policies, market access, technical breakthroughs in DER supply and enabling technologies. To prov ide an assessment of costs/benefits and concepts of business models for DER and pro-active networks. Raising awareness of benefits of DER and organising dissemination of knowledge and capacity building in the new MS. The assessment and recommendations of RTD activities and its progress on national, regional, and EU levels will be reviewed and commented by the representatives of the electricity business community. This intensive dialogue will lead to an effective achievement of the overall EU energy policy goals and optimising the penetration of DER.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200631/12/2008


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