A control method for test of the attenuation of ear-plugs for musicians

  • Poulsen, Torben (Project Manager)

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    Custom-moulded earplug for musicians and audience are used more and more. The plugs are relatively expensive compared with ordinary hearing protectors, because they are made from an impression of the individual user's ear-canal and outer ear. A simple method is needed to test the attenuation of the plug for the individual user. Therefore a comparison has been made between measurements carried out in accordance with the standard hearing protector method (ISO 4869-1, Hearing threshold determinations with one-third octave noise in a special diffuse field) and the simpler sound field audiometry method (ISO 8253-2). Almost every audiological clinic in Denmark uses the latter method, and therefore test facilities for a simple control test are available. The experimental work is finished, and the results are presented in the report (in Danish): 'Måling af høreværnsdæmpning via fritfeltsaudiometri,' Teknisk Audiologisk Laboratorium, Sdr. Boulevard 29, DK-5000 Odense C.
    The project has been carried out in collaboration with Bjørn Knud Andersen, Technical Audiological Laboratory, Odense.
    Effective start/end date01/01/1996 → …

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