A coast to coast network of protected areas: From the shore to the deep sea (CoCoNet) (38863)

Project Details


The project targeted design and implementation of marine protected areas, as well as advancement of the scientific basis for optimal design and implementation. The project focused on two pilot studies in the Mediterranean and Black Sea for establishing a network of MPAs.

DTU Aqua participated in developing the scientific basis for optimal design of MPA networks by developing spatial size-based models to describe biodiversity as appropriate scales, as well as habitat connectivity from trait-based modelling, and procedures for analyzing habitat connectivity. DTU Aqua also contributed to governance issues relating to establishment of MPA networks.

The project had 39 partners from the EU and Eastern Europe and Near Asia and was coordinated by Universita del Salento, Italy. 

The project was funded by EU, Framework Programme 7.

Research area: Marine Living Resources
Research area: Oceanography
Research area: Ecosystem based Marine Management
Effective start/end date01/01/201231/01/2016


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