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Hydrodynamics in Circulating Fluidized Beds

Zafiryadis, F. L., Høj, M., Larsen, M. B., Wu, H., Jensen, A. D. & Hove, E. C. A.


Project: PhD

Foaming and physicochemical properties of casein micelles cross-linked by transglutaminase

Casanova, F., Nogueira Silva, N. F., de Carvalho, A. F. & Trindade, L.


Project: Research

Recycling Concrete Aggregates in New Concrete

Pedersen, L. G., Ottosen, L. M., Birkved, M. & Geiker, M. R.


Project: PhD

Strategic University Timetabling

Holm, D. S., Stidsen, T. J. R., Christiansen, L. E. & Sørensen, M.


Project: PhD