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Deep Generative Modelling for Natural Language

Victor David Julien Lievin, V., Winther, O. & Sønderby, C. K.


Project: PhD

M4D: Metal Microstructures in Four Dimensions

Juul Jensen, D.


Project: Research

Fog Computing Security

Tange, K. P., Dragoni, N. & Fafoutis, X.


Project: PhD

A novel acoustic body force in inhomogeneous fluids

Jørgensen, J. H., Bruus, H. & Augustsson, P. J.


Project: PhD

Silicon Optical Phased Array for Optical Communications

Qiu, H., Hu, H., Ding, Y. & Frandsen, L. H.


Project: PhD

Climate KIC: Loop Ports: Climate KIC: LOOP Ports - Circular Economy Network of Ports

McAloone, T. C., Blomsma, F., Frederiksen, T. B., Pigosso, D. C. A., Lara Lopez, J. & García, R.


Project: Research

Fire Protection of Bridge Cable System

Giuliani, L.


Project: Research