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Supplier Relationship Management at FLSmidt

Andersen, B. S., Jacobsen, P., Herbert-Hansen, Z. N. L. & Nielsen, M. N.


Project: PhD

CIDI: Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry

Kuzminykh, I.


Project: Research

Foaming and physicochemical properties of casein micelles cross-linked by transglutaminase

Casanova, F., Nogueira Silva, N. F., de Carvalho, A. F. & Trindade, L.


Project: Research

Recycling Concrete Aggregates in New Concrete

Pedersen, L. G., Ottosen, L. M., Birkved, M. & Geiker, M. R.


Project: PhD

Next-generation semiconductor LIDAR for wind sensing (IFD - Industrial Postdoc)

Meng, L., Rodrigo, P. J., Pedersen, C. & Lindbjerg Bak, A.


Project: Research

Evaluation of pupillometry as a diagnostic tool

Neagu, M., Dau, T., Wendt, D. & Kressner, A. A.


Project: PhD