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Bayesian Analysis of Childhood Asthma

Fritz, A., Pedersen, A. G. & Bønnelykke, K.


Project: PhD

Economic Optimizing Control for a U-loop Reactor

Nielsen, M. K., Jørgensen, J. B., Gernaey, K. V., Huusom, J. K., Christensen, I. & Dragheim, J.


Project: PhD

Dosimetry for on-line monitored MR linac radiotherapy

Klavsen, M. F., Andersen, C. E., Vogelius, I. R. & Behrens, C. F.


Project: PhD

Modeling and experiment on polymer-based chips for acoustofluidics

Lickert, F., Bruus, H. & Augustsson, P. J.


Project: PhD