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Grand Solutions project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark.
Steering the production of processed food, here mozzarella, can have great benefits with regards to energy consumption, need for storage, reduced waste, etc. But due to variation in the raw milk it requires real-time on-line monitoring of the process for assessing the structural and chemical composition of the product. On-line monitoring allows the process to be steered for optimal product quality. Being able to produce high-quality food by design can have major impact in the food industry but requires advanced predictive models and sensing technology that is not available today. In this project we will develop the technologies necessary for production of mozzarella including vision-based sensors, robotics and predictive models. Ability to sense mozzarella structures during production can only be achieved by developing a technology far beyond state-of-the-art. Therefore, a consortium of leading scientific groups in imaging (DTU), food science (KU) and dairy technology (AU) has been formed and will together with Videometer and Arla develop this new technology. Our research will potentially have impact far beyond the dairy industry.
Effective start/end date01/04/202131/08/2025