Project Details


The partners have agreed to implement the collaborative program over a two-year period from 1/11-2014 to 1/11-2016. This is, however, envisaged to be a long term partnership that goes beyond phase II of BSU initiative. The overall objective of the collaborative program is to upgrade SUA to a university with worldwide reputation for high-quality research into major aspects of African agriculture (including disciplines within science, life science and social science as well as cross-disciplinary research). The collaborative program has two intermediate objectives. The first objective is to strengthen SUA’s institutional capacity to deliver quality research and PhD education in certain scientific areas (agro-business, agro-ecology and aquaculture). The second objective is to improve University-wide administrative services and research facilities that support research and training, in particular the consolidation of smooth and transparent procedures.
The outcome of the collaborative program is envisaged to be three-fold: two or three PhD programmes fully developed and running at capacity level, three flexibly organized research groups each implementing externally funded projects of own origin, and efficient procedures for financial management of research funds. The collaborative program will produce 11 outputs during the first two years of the BSU II. Nine of the outputs are related to the first and second outcomes and organized within the three focus areas (three outputs in each focus area); two outputs are related to the third outcome and organised within the fourth focus area.
Effective start/end date01/11/201431/10/2016