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This project advances our understanding of green transitions, by examining what we call “dynamics of problematization”, which describes the interplay and tensions of modes of expertise that inform the social and financial valuation of energy resources in the governance of energy transition. The research contributes to transition studies by drawing upon recent developments within the intersection between the sociology of knowledge and the social studies of valuation. It studies how expertise, understood as ideas, models and calculative tools, from different scientific domains (i.e. economics, natural science) shape governance that constitute the valuation of energy resources. The project also explores new alternative metrics for valuation. The focus is on gas, wind, and biomass, central resources in the green transition. The energy resources are studied historically and in the present in order to capture how the dynamics of problematizations unfold, allow learning for green transitions.

Layman's description

Sub-project leader DFF/FSE (Det Frie Forskningsråd), project-type 3: Awarded 10.9 mill DKK for project: Green transition through dynamics of problematizations: How forms of expertise influence the financial and social valuation of energy resources in Denmark. Led by Aalborg University/CPH.
Short titleExpo-Green
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2023

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