Project Details


The project aims to explore, propose and test methods to promote student-driven e-learning. How do you create a similar "spirit" as experienced in hackerthons? Can you imagine that students get together for a "theme" and even organize the learning proces themselves - perhaps across competence levels? What is the role of the teachers? Will the weak students suffer - or will it further strengthen them? There are many questions and this project will try to answer some of them and will also identify whether there is a basis to describe a more extensive project that can be supported by other funding. A "side effect" of student driven / student based e-learning is to minimize resurses which is becoming more and more urgent in university teaching. When the number of students increases, there are requirements for propulsion, and an increased student demand for individualized instruction. It is also for this reason need to think in new ways. The effect is better learning, creating more enthusiasm, commitment and ownership. Student-driven e-learning in diverse learning communities will take place as blended learning and e-learning will be a significant part. The project will come up with suggestions on how e-learning carried out when it is the students who are the driving force, which may give quite different bids than those constructed of a generation that did not grew up with computers.
Effective start/end date01/09/201531/12/2016