4th International Vitamin Conference

  • Jakobsen, Jette (Project Manager)
  • Bugel, Susanne (Project Participant)
  • Obeid, Rima (Project Participant)
  • Gregory, Jess (Project Participant)
  • Piironen, Vieno (Project Participant)
  • Booth, Sarah (Project Participant)
  • Campos-Gimenez, Esther (Project Participant)
  • Eggersdorfer, Manfred (Project Participant)
  • Olmedilla-Alonso, Begoña (Project Participant)
  • Arcot, Jayashree (Project Participant)

Project Details


At the 3rd IVC in Washington DC 12-15 May a Steering and Scientific Committee were assessed to be responsible for the discussion and progression to conduct the 4th IVC in Copenhagen in May 2016.
IVCs forms a forum for people who have a strong interest in one or more of the 13 vitamins. An IVC covers vitamins horizontally, and brings producers, nutritionist, analyst and regulators together. For all vitamins the task is to quantify the total content in our foods, identify the beneficial effect, and assess the optimal dietary intake to obtain a long and healthy life. A specialist in one of the vitamins may learn from a specialist in other vitamins. And producers, nutritionist, analyst, regulators, and policy makers will benefit to know the recent progress achieved by colleagues in other fields.
Effective start/end date15/05/201431/12/2016


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