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    The project is carried out together with Assoc. Prof. Jan Madsen at IT, DTU, in collaboration with 3D-Lab, which is situated at the Panum Institute, at the University of Copenhagen.
    In 1998 the project has been enlarged to include a collaboration with Århus University Hospital, where Prof. Niels Egund has joined the project.
    In 1999 the project included a collaboration with Prof. Børresen, the Rigshospitalet and Carl Bro A/S, which will produce a report describing the technical and commercial possibilities to
    continue the project. This activity is supported by Erhversfremmestyrelsen.
    The project started as a case study in the Codesign project.
    The main topic in this project, is to design and implement a cost efficient workstation, based on an ordinary PC running MicroSoft Windows, which can be used for 3-dimensional modelling and manipulation of medical objects.
    The main idea is to bring this functionallity form the specialists laboratory to the desk of the physicians in the clinic.
    In 1998 Hans Holten-Lund has started a Ph.D. study and Mogens Hvidtfeldt was employed as a research assistant within the project. Both activities has been supported financially by the Thomas B. Thriges Center for Microinstruments
    Effective start/end date01/01/1996 → …

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