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Villum Synergy project:
When using X-ray imaging to quantify structural properties of materials, data acquisition is typically carried out under the best possible experimental conditions to attain the highest image quality. This is because subsequent analysis steps, reconstruction, and segmentation, rely on high-quality data. We propose to invert the experimental design and optimize for maximum speed, facilitating real-time measurements.
Our real-time structural characterization will provide immediate feedback for controlling the properties of materials, as they are being manufactured. We have chosen to focus on highly anisotropic composite materials, specifically pultruded unidirectional composites of high-performance fibres, quantifying fibre orientation and alignment. However, the methodology developed in this project may be adapted to other materials and structural properties.
By applying our complementary competences for developing experimental data acquisition and data representation in parallel, we will exploit a feedback loop between two lines of development. The quality of characterization allows us to determine how much we can relax the experimental parameters while still accurately determining the desired property.
Effective start/end date01/12/202230/11/2024

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