Öresund Starch Profile

  • Wischmann, Bente (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    Purpose: To develop a process line in Pilot Plant scale for isolation of cereal starches, to develop an enzyme assisted isolation of Barley A and B starch granules and to size distribute the starch granules of the starches in the ÖSP starch collection.

    Background: ÖSP is a regional cross-border Danish-Swedish starch research – innovation – application consortium in the Øresund region. The centre is committed to cover public aspects among which health (functional foods, resistant starch, prebiotic additives, soluble fibres, fat replacers etc.) and inexpensive renewable resources (e.g. biodegradable materials, environmental-friendly polymers, carbon dioxide neutral production) are included. In ÖSP structural and functional parameters of a large number of highly different starches including normal starches, transgenically and chemically modified starches are available and analyzed by all the active participants of the centre.

    Collaboration partners: 12 different universities and 14 industries in Denmark and Sweden. For further information please visit: www.osp.kvl.dk
    Effective start/end date24/06/200201/01/2006


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