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Fungal metabolites

Jensen, S. R. & Larsen, T. O.

01/01/1991 → …

Project: Research


Genomics Driven Discovery and Engineering of Fungal Tetracyclines

Wolff, P. B., Mortensen, U. H., Larsen, T. O., Andersen, M. R., Weber, T., Broberg, A. & Søndergaard, T.

Samfinansieret - Andet


Project: PhD

Genus-scale analysis of genre cluster evolution in fungi

Kjærbølling, I., Mortensen, U. H., Vesth, T. C., Larsen, T. O., Frandsen, R. J. N., Hallin, P. F., Wang, C. C. C. & Andersen, M. R.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Metabolic Engineering of secondary metabolite production in streptomycetes

Robertsen, H. L., Weber, T., Gram, L., Larsen, T. O., Stegmann, E. & Donadio, S.

Offentlig finansiering


Project: PhD

Genus-level studies of gene dynamics for the Aspergillus genus

Theobald, S., Larsen, T. O., Pedersen, A. G., Vesth, T. C., Weber, T., Klitgaard, D. M. K., Lebrun, M. & Andersen, M. R.

Samfinansierede - Virksomhed


Project: PhD

Discovery and genetic re-engineering of naturel product pathways

Nielsen, M. L., Larsen, T. O., Mortensen, U. H., Weber, T., Arnau, J., Lazarus, C. M. & Andersen, M. R.

1/3 FUU, 1/3 inst 1/3 Andet


Project: PhD

Opdagelse af bioaktive marine naturstoffer

Kildgaard, S., Larsen, T. O., Nielsen, K. F., Duus, J. Ø., Fretté, X. & Sterner, O.

1/3 FUU, 1/3 inst 1/3 Andet


Project: PhD

Exploitation of fungal cell factories for pigment production

Tolborg, G., Larsen, T. O., Workman, M., Sternberg, C., Lübeck, M., Ebel, R. & Ødum, A. S. R.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Algal analytical natural product chemistry

Rasmussen, S. A., Larsen, T. O., Nielsen, K. F., Gotfredsen, C. H., Sterner, O. & Hess, P.

1/3 FUU, 1/3 inst 1/3 Andet


Project: PhD

Kemisk Biologi af Mikrobielle Anticancer Naturstoffer

Bladt, T. T., Larsen, T. O., Gotfredsen, C. H., Taboureau, O., Sterner, O. & Christensen, S. B.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Identification of genes encoding polyketide and non-ribosomal peptide synthases

Jørgensen, M. S., Mortensen, U. H., Larsen, T. O., Thrane, U., Skovlund, D. A., Degenkolb, T. & van den Brink, H.

1/3 DTU-stip, 2/3 FUR/andet


Project: PhD

Production of fumonisins ad related substances in the aspergillus niger complex

Mogensen, J. M., Nielsen, K. F., Frisvad, J. C., Larsen, T. O., Thykær, J. & Solfrizzo, M.

Offentlig finansiering


Project: PhD

Discovery of Bioactive Marine Natural Products

Månsson, M., Larsen, T. O., Gotfredsen, C. H., Nielsen, K. F., Thrane, U., Jaspars, M. & Laatsch, H.



Project: PhD

Mycotoxins in maize silage to fed cattle

Larsen, T. O., Thrane, U., Rasmussen, R. R., Binderup, M. & Rasmussen, P. H.


Project: Research

Engineering the Redox Metabolism ofPenicilium Chrysogenum

Kildegaard, K. R., Larsen, T. O., Nielsen, M. L., Thrane, U., Doyle, S., Hjort, C. M. & Nielsen, J.

Eksternt finansieret virksomhed


Project: PhD

Prediction of Mycotoxin Production by Detection of Volatile Metabolites

Karlshøj, K., Larsen, T. O., Nielsen, P. V., Søndergaard, I., Magan, N. & Nørgaard, L.



Project: PhD


Højer-Pedersen, J. J., Smedsgaard, J., Larsen, T. O., Heinemann, M., Arneborg, N. & Nielsen, J.

DTU stipendium


Project: PhD

Penicillium ser. Corymbifera: Taxonomy, Pathogenicity and Secondary Metabolite Production

Overy, D. P., Frisvad, J. C., Larsen, T. O., Thrane, U., Jensen, S. R., Bills, G. F. & Collinge, D. B.



Project: PhD

Aroma formation in fermented sausages - the influence of fungal growth

Sunesen, L. O., Stahnke, L. H., Filtenborg, O., Larsen, T. O., Hoz Perales, L. D. L., Jakobsen, M. & Adler-Nissen, J.



Project: PhD

Physiology, ecology and resistance of the mycoflora associated with different types of food, with emphasis on cheese and other dairy products

Nielsen, P. V., Haasum, I., Nielsen, M. S., Larsen, T. O., Hinsby, A. W., Thage, B. V., Breumlund, J. & Lyhne, E. K.



Project: Research

Allergenic fungi in indoor climate

Andersen, B., Thrane, U., Frisvad, J. C., Larsen, T. O., Svendsen, A. & Filtenborg, O.


Project: Research