Thomas Højlund Christensen

Thomas Højlund Christensen



Building: 115, 048

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Phone: 45251603Fax: 45932850

Holds degrees from Technical University of Denmark (MSc soild waste 1974), University of Washington, Seattle, USA (PhD, water chemistry 1980) and the University of Copenhagen (KVL Dr.Agro soil chemistry 1990). The research field is waste technology and management. This recently involves use of life cycle assessment tools and focus on holistic management of waste management systems with emphasis on waste technologies. Focus has been on developing the EASETECH / EASEWASTE model and the application to waste management issues in many parts of the world. Significant research experience in waste characterization, waste collection, recycling, biological waste treatment, incineration, use of waste products on land, landfilling of waste, treatment of ashes, handling of construction and demolition waste as well as special waste (paint waste, WEEE). Early research focussed on the environmental aspects of waste utilization and disposal on land with focus on heavy metals in soils, fertilizer substitution and the effect of landfill leachate on groundwater quality.

Collaboration has been significant with a range of universities around the world as well with industry, consulting companies, public authorities and organizations.

Teaching has been in solid waste management, LCA of solid waste mangement systems, soil and groundwater pollution and water chemistry. Graduated more than 60 master students and 30 PhD students.

Served in committees and worked with a range of organizations (e.g. Danish Competence Center for Waste/DAKOFA, ISWA; IWWG) and research bodies (Danish Research Council/Strategic Research Council,  Development Program for Energy Technology). Contributed to assessment of national research programs and evaluation of research institutions in Denmark and abroad.

Co-founder and Associate Editor (1983-1994) of the international journal Waste Management & Research. Published the international text book ”Solid Waste Technology & Management” (Wiley, 2011).

Member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.



Academic grades

M.Sc. Env.Eng., PhD, Dr.Agro.




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