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Research output per year

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Valorization of mine tailings in concrete

Simonsen, A. M. T., Jensen, P. E., Leveinen, J. & Kunther, W.


Project: PhD

Upgrading and recovery of fertilizer value of ash from PYRONEER gasification of low-value an difficult biomass feedstock

Pares Viader, R., Jensen, P. E., Ahrenfeldt, J., Hauggaard-Nielsen, H., Ottosen, L. M., Laursen, S., Bundgaard, E. & Rodriguez-Maroto, J. M.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Strength and deformation properties of permafrost soils in Greenland

Agergaard, F. A., Ingeman-Nielsen, T., Villumsen, A., Jensen, P. E., Allard, M. & Instanes, A.



Project: PhD

Coupled flow and matrix changes during electrokinetic treatment of porous and particulate materials

Skibsted, G., Ottosen, L. M., Elektorowicz, M., Jensen, P. E., Laursen, S., Geiker, M. R. & Armero, M. M. C.



Project: PhD

Reuse of resources and materials in the Greenlandic construction industry

Belmonte, L. J., Ottosen, L. M., Jensen, P. E., Kirkelund, G. M., Villumsen, A., Fabricius, I. L., Hjorslev Hansen, M. & Burns, S.

Institut, samfinansiering


Project: PhD

Clim-ATIC: Climate Change : Adapting to The Impacts, by Communities in Northern Peripheral Regions

Villumsen, A., Nielsen, M. H., Jensen, P. E., Thrane, H. W., Gunnarsdottir, R., Jørgensen, M. W. & Dragsted, J.

Forsk. EU - Andre EU-midler


Project: Research

Spildevandsrensning i Grønland

Gunnarsdottir, R., Villumsen, A., Jensen, P. E., Jenssen, P. D., Schmidt, J. E., Dave, G. & Hanæus, J.

DTU stipendium


Project: PhD

Tungmetaller- Affaldsforbrænding : Financieret af Den Europæiske Fond for Regionaludvikling

Jensen, P. E., Villumsen, A., Ransby, E. & Møller-Madsen, S.

Forsk. EU - Andre EU-midler


Project: Research