Morten Nielsen

Morten Nielsen

Senior Scientist

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building: 125, 138

4000 Roskilde


Phone: 46775022Mobile: 2133 1186Fax: 4677 5970

Morten Nielsen's has worked with boundary-layer meteorology, atmospheric dispersion, data acuisition from field experiments, satellite SAR image processing and stochastic simulation. He now works on wind-power meteorology and is a member of the WAsP team. This involves software development, user support, courses for wind-energy professionals, and university teaching.



1980 - 1986 MSc - DTU

Academic grades



Danish, English


  • MN is interested in atmospheric turbulence, boundary-layer meteorology, dense gas dispersion, concentration fluctuations, wind resource estimation and wind energy site assessment.
  • MN has experience with micro-meteorological field experiments, meteorological instruments, data acquisition, site inspection and due diligence of wind energy projects, time series analysis, statistics, satellite SAR wind data, numerical methods, databases, dispersion models, turbulence simulation, stochastic models and teaching.
  • MN is a Delphi and Mathematica programmer.
  • MN is part of the WAsP team. This involves technical support, documentation, courses and software development.
  • MN teaches at the DTU Wind Energy MSc programme.
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    Central database


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