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Characterized Parts Libraries & Pathway Evolver

Petersen, S. D., Jensen, M. K., Hillson, N. J., Keasling, J., Nikel, P. I., Kaas, C. S. & Daran-Lapujade, P.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Engineering of a by-product-reduced CHO cell line (CleanCHO)

Domingues Pereira-Schöning, S. I., Kildegaard, H. F., Jensen, M. K., Åkesson, M. F., Chotteau, V., Pedersen, L. E. & Andersen, M. R.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions


Project: PhD

Yeast Strain and Process Development

Lis, A. V., Jensen, M. K., Keasling, J., Worberg, A., Siewers, V., Wahl, S. A. & Weber, J.



Project: PhD

Accelerated and rational design of Improved CHO Cell factories

Grav, L. M., Kildegaard, H. F., Lee, J. S., Jensen, M. K., Kaas, C. S., Otte, K. & Andersen, M. R.

Offentlig finansiering


Project: PhD

Standardization of DNA Vector Design-Processes

Cavaleiro, M., Nørholm, M., Nielsen, A. T., Jensen, M. K., Hillson, N. J. & Nour-Eldin, H. H.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions


Project: PhD

Development of a Platform Yeast Cell Factory for Production of Aromatic Chemicals

Rodriguez Prado, E. A., Borodina, I., Jensen, M. K., Olesen, K., Penttilä, M. E. & Nielsen, J.

Eksternt finansieret virksomhed


Project: PhD

Biiosensors and genetic circuits for improved cell factory development

Rugbjerg, P., Sommer, M. O. A., Förster, J., Jensen, M. K., Jensen, N. B. & Suess, B.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD