Kristian Mølhave

Kristian Mølhave

Associate Professor


Building: 307, 130

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Head of the Molecular Windows research group. We develop novel microscopy methods for high resolution imaging with light and especially electron microscopes in order to provide new insights into biological, physical and chemical processes on the nanoscale.


Other information


CV for Kristian Mølhave - Table of Content:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Current and Past Positions
  3. Education
  4. Publications, Patents, Books & Films
  5. Conference Organization
  6. Awards
  7. Research Projects & Funding
  8. Supervision
  9. Teaching 
  10. Reviewing
  11. Outreach

Personal Information:

  • Full Name: Kristian Mølhave
  • Living in Taarbæk, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Mobile phone +45 2512 6672
  • Born 1973. Married with Fernanda Strack, with one child.
  • Primary languages: Danish and English
  • Secondary languages: Spanish, German, and French.
  • LinkedIn


Current position 

Main Research Interest: Developing methods for high resolution imaging with light and especially electron microscopes in order to provide new insights into biological, physical and chemical processes on the nanoscale.

  • Associate Professor at
  • Since 2019: Associate Professor at DTU-Nanolab, National Centre for Nano Fabrication and Characterization
  • 2008-2019: Associate Professor at DTU-Nanotech, Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology
  • Since 2009: Founded and leading the Molecular Windows research group. Website:
  • 2013 - 2018: Leader of the strategic research field “Sustainable Nanotechnology” at the Dept. of Micro and Nanotechnology, DTU.

Past positions

  • Assistant Professor at
  • DTU-Nanotech (1.4-31.07.2008) in the Nanointegration group, working with electron microscopy of biological and liquid samples.
    MIC, DTU (1.2.07-31.03.2008) in the Optofluidics Group, working with micro and nanooptics.
    MIC, DTU (1.2.05-1.2.07) working on nanowire integration in microsystems, a 2-year "talent project"; NAMIC granted by the FTP.
    MIC, DTU. (1.7-30.9.04) working on nanomanipulation.
  • Research assistant at
    - Division Microrobotics and Control Engineering (AMiR), University of Oldenburg, Germany (1.2-1.5.04). Worked on in-situ SEM nanomanipulation systems for the ASSEMIC project.
    - Institute of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus (1.7.00-1.2.01), working at the Ion Trap Group with Micael Drewsen on a pulse excited linear Paul trap.
    - University of Konstanz and University of Düsseldorf, Germany (1.2-1.5.00) in the Quantum Optics and Relativity Group of Prof. S. Schiller. Worked on the construction of an ion trap for molecular ions.



Further education


Publications, Patents, FIlms & Books

Peer Reviewed Publications:


  • Patent WO2006046924 by Kristian Molhave & Nanofactory AB. Granted Patent sold to Nanofactory AB: WO2006046924-A1; US2007278420-A1; US7586105-B2, “Nano or micro gripping device for transmission electron microscope”.
  • Granted Patent WO2013037951-A1 “Method of depositing catalyst” by R. Wierzbicki, P.Bøggild and K. Mølhave.
  • PCT Application EP2626884-A1 on “Microfluidic chip for transmission electron microscopy…” by K Molhave and E Jensen
  • PCT Application 2013 by A Ghazal, K Molhave, W Svendsen.

Conference Talks

  • 2018 Microscopy and Microanalysis 2018 (two invited talks); AAU (invited); IDA (invited); DRHTC conference (invited)
  • 2017 LPEM conference 2017 Eindhoven (Invited); Iamnano2017 Singapore (invited); KAIST (Invited); Nanowire week, Lund.
  • 2016 European Microscopy conference 2016
  • 2015 NTNU; Oak ridge nantional laboratory (invited); Aarhus University; 
  • 2914 Danish electrochemical society (invited); TuE (invited)
  • 2013 Microscopy and Microanalysis 2013, Indianapolis USA (invited), Scandem 2013, CPHU (invited);
  • 2012 In Situ Microscopy workshop 2012, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (invited)
  • 2011: FEMMS 2011, Ca, USA (Invited).
  • 2010: Microscopy and Microanalysis 2010, Portland, Oregon, USA (Invited).
  • Public lecture on national TV ' Danskernes Akademi'
  • 2007: Microscopy and Microanalysis M&M2007, Ft. Lauderdale USA (Invited); and at Southern Danish University (Invited).
  • 2006: CPHU (Invited); Veeco User Meeting, Goteborg (Invited); EBID workshop, Delft.
  • 2005: Nano2life NBDA conference, Grenoble(Invited); Danish Physical Society Annual Meeting; Copenhagen university (Invited); Århus University (Invited).
  • 2003: Talk at Clemson University (Invited).

Films & Books

  • Book chapter in "Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy" (DOI) edited by Frances Ross.
  • Book chapter in "Controlled Atmosphere Transmission Electron Microscopy" (DOI) edited by Jakob B. Wagner
  • Book chapter "Droplet based cavities and lasers" by K Mølhave, A Kristensen, N A Mortensen, in "Advanced photonic structures for biological chemical sensing" by Springer (Editor: Xudong Fan)
  • Book chapter 'Nanoteknologi i Billeder' on Nanoscale Microscopy, in 'Nanoteknologiske Horisonter' p. 15-31. By J B Wagner, K Mølhave, J H Nielsen, R Dunin-borkowski
  • Worked on several projects e.g. The Teachers Toolbox about teaching methods.
  • “Nanoværkstedet” (The nanoworkshop) Naturens Verden No 11/12 38-53 (2004) by P Bøggild and K Mølhave.
  • DVD: IndiensPortalen - funded by the Danish Ministry of Education. An educational DVD containing 2 documentaries, where I contributed as cameraman, coproducer and the DVD layout. Mumbai Mosaic 2003 (60 min), Kurveflettere og murstensarbejdere (10 min). The DVD is a part of the project "Portal To India" for high school level education about India (
  • Book: "Non-Harming - the Jain Art of Living" by A. Gangar, K. Gangar, B. Mølhave and K. Mølhave. Published by Systime 1999, funded by the Danish Ministry of Education. See
  • Produced various videos mainly for introductions and teaching, for the Institute of Environmental and Occupational medicine, Aarhus (1996).
  • Six documentaries on Hinduism and life in contemporary India by B. Mølhave and K. Mølhave, published by Systime 1995, funded by the Danish Ministry of Education.


Conference organization

  • 2018
    - Conference chair and project leader Sustain Summit 2018 DTU
    - Conference organizer with Niels De Jonge and Damien Alloyeau CISCEM 2018 ~100 participants.
    - Scandem 2018 scientific committee member and session chair.
  • 2017 conference chair and organizer Sustain 2017 DTU with 350+ participants
  • 2016 conference organizer Sustain DTU with 250 participants
  • 2016 conference organizer with Niels De Jonge CISCEM 2016 ~100 participants.
  • 2015 Main Organizer of Sustain DTU with ~340 participants.
  • 2015 coorganizer of MRS fall 2015 Symposium L : Nanofunctional Materials, Nanostructures and Nanodevices for Biomedical Applications
  • 2014 Founder and main Organizer of Sustain DTU with ~230 participants
  • 2014 conference organizer with Niels De Jonge CISCEM 2014
  • 2013 Conference co-organizer Scandem 2013. Chaired sessions on “SEM and Dual Beam” and “In-situ Microscopy”
  • 2008 Organizer/Chair of the workshop "Explorative Electron Microscopy of Nanoparticles in Cells - tageted labelling, therapy, and toxicology" at the Scandem 2008 conference.


  • Member of organizing commitee for Grøn Dyst - DTUs student conference on green technology (ca 300 participants), 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.



  • The Statoil price 2016 for Research achievements in Electron Microscopy (news)
  • The McKinsey & Company Initiative Award 2003 for starting the Science Show


Research project funding

  • Willum experiment grant 2019 " A Microscopic View on Aerosols and Climate Change", 2 MDKK, with Anders Brostrøm.
  • DFF Sapere Aude project "LiquidEM - Electron microscopy of processes in liquids". Project leader, supervisor of post docs and phds. (2013-2018). Budget 0.9 Mio Euro. Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Case No. 12-126194.
  • DHRTC sprint project 2018 on microfluidics for EOR.
  • Danish Nanosafety Centre II, lead by Prof. Ulla Vogel. Member of steering committee and main supervisor of PhD student on developing aerosol characterization measurments. Funded by the Danish Work Research Foundation.
  • Danish Nanosafety Centre I, lead by Prof. Ulla Vogel. Member of steering committee and main supervisor of PhD student on aerosol measurments. Funded by the Danish Work Research Foundation ca. 4 Mio euro;.1.5.2012-30.4.2015), .
  • FTP Project "Nano-Live" on Imaging Nanoelectronics Live by Transmission Electron Microscopy. Project leader, supervisor of post doc and phd. Budget: 5.7Mdkk, (1.1.11-31.12.14) Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Case No. 10-082797
  • EU project "FP7-Nanolyse" - Nanoparticles in Food: Analytical methods for detection and characterisation (01.01.2010-30.09.2013), - Co-supervising PhD student.
  • EU project FP7-Technotubes (Technology for Wafer-Scale Carbon Nanotube Applications) (2009-2012) - Grant agreement no.: CP-IP 228579-1- Main supervisor PhD student.
  • EU project FP7-NMP-2007-SMALL "NanoScale - Understanding interactions between cells and nanopatterned surfaces". (1.7.08-1.7.11). Member of steering comittee and leader of DTUs workpackages, main and co-supervisor of PhD students.
  • FTP Talentprojekt "Characterization and Fabrication of Nanowire-Microstructure devices"; Project leader. Budget: 200.000 euro;, (1.2.05-1.2.07) Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Case No. 26-04-0258.
  • PhD project funding and main supervisor
    • PhD on III-V nanowire insitu TEM 2018-2021 with Lund University and DTU Photonics
    • PhD on in-situ Liquid cell TEM with Nanyang Tech. Uni. 2015-2018.
    • PhD "Imaging Cells interactions with Nanostructures" with NFA.
    • PhD from DTU Center for Electron Nanoscopy (2009-2012), "Electron Microscopy of Liquid Processes" .



Post doc Supervision:

  1. Murat Yesibolati 2018-2019
  2. Hongyu Sun 2015-2018
  3. Eric Jensen 2012 – 2014
  4. Duc The Ngo 2013-2014
  5. Rafal Wierzbicki 2014-2015

Main Supervisor of Ph.D. students:

  1. Chr. Andersen 2018-2021 with Lund University and DTU Photonics
  2. Anders Brostrøm 2016-2019
  3. Murat Nulati Yesiboltai 2015-2018 with Poul Norby and Harry Hoster (TUM Create/NTU)
  4. Simone Lagana 2014-2017 with Erling Stenby and Andy Burrows.
  5. Silvia Canepa 2014-2017 with Jens Ulstrup and Jakob Wagner.
  6. Rolf Erling Robberstad Møller-Nilsen 2012-2015 with Poul Norby and Jakob Wagner “In situ TEM studies of battery processes”
  7. Marcus Levin 2012-2015 with Ismo Kalevi Koponen and Keld Alstrup Jensen “Udvikling af on-line målinger af nanopartikler i luft og eksponeringsmålinger i arbejdsmiljøet.”
  8. Carsten Købler 2011-2014 with Ulla Vogel and Klaus Qvortrup.
  9. Sardar Bilal, 2011-2014, with Ole Hansen, "In-situ TEM studies of nanoelectronics"
  10. Rafal Wierzbicki, 2009-2012 with Peter Bøggild, "Carbon based nanomaterials for electrochemical measurements on cells"
  11. Eric Jensen, 2009-2012 with Rafal Dunin-Borkowski, "Electron Microscopy of Liquid Processes "
  12. Cristian Gradinaru, 2008-2011 with Henrik Flyvbjerg, "Modeling and Understanding Complex Motion".

Co-Supervision of Ph.D. students:

  1. Abdelali Khelfa, 2018-2021 with Damien Alloyeau CNRS – Paris Diderot University.
  2. Wei Huang 2017-2020 with Jingdong Zhang "Metal-organic frameworks derived non-noble metal catalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells".
  3. Filippo Pizzocchero 2011-2013, co-supervisor,"Graphene as electrodes for molecular electronics" with Peter Bøggild.
  4. Agnieszka Dudkiewicz 2010-2014, co-supervisor."Nanoparticles in Food: Electron microscopy methods for detection and characterisation"
  5. Joanna Lopacinska, 2008-2011 with Martin Dufva and Jenny Emneus, "Biocompatibility studies of cells grown in close proximity of nanostructures in cell culture chips"
  6. Christian Kallesøe, 2006-2009 with Peter Bøggild, "Integration of molecular electronics in microsystems by epitaxially grown nanowires"
  7. Özlem Sardan, 2006-2009 with Peter Bøggild, "Design and Fabrication of Microactuators for Nanomanipulation"

Supervision Masters Students

  1. Sofie Colding-Jørgensen 2017 "Graphene Windows for TEM in-situ Cells"
  2. Jeppe  Ormstrup 2016 "Insitu TEM and X-ray Nano Tomography of Anode Materials in Batteries"
  3. Jeppe Søbye 2016 "A method to investigate ice formation in concrete air voids"
  4. Esben Kirk Mikkelsen 2016 "Microfluidic chip for cryo-electron microscopy"
  5. Aage Andreas Sloth Nilausen 2015 “Suspended Nanowire Devices”
  6. Lean G Pedersen, 2012, Characterization of SiNW by SEM and Impedance with Winnie Svendsen and Karen Martinez
  7. Carsten Købler, 2011, Scanning electron microscopy of cells and liquid samples
  8. Thomas Kjøller Nellemann, 2009, Electron Microscopy of frozen events in liquids
  9. Martin Toft Madsen, 2009, Microscopy of Cells on Nanostructured Substrates
  10. Lixia Wang, 2006 Polymer Thin-film's Thickness Measurements by Atomic Force Microscopy
  11. Christan Kallesøe, 2006, Nanogap structures for molecular electronics
  12. Dirch Hjort Petersen, 2006 High aspect ratio silicon beam fabrication and large scale nanowire integration
  13. Søren Dohn, 2003, Investigation of mechano-electrical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Supervision of BSc students

  1. Michael Beck 2014 "Development of System for Generating Agglomerate Test Aerosols"
  2. Sofie Colding-Jørgensen 2014 “Development of Methods for In-situ Observations of Copper Plating and Dissolution”
  3. Sigurd Truelsen 2012 “Fabrication and test of microelectrode array devices” with Arto Heiskanen and Rafal Wierzbicki
  4. Claus Agerskov 2012 “Development of microelectrode cantilever array devices for electrophysiological  measurements”  With Jens Midtgaard and Rafal Wierzbicki.
  5. Aage Andreas Sloth Nilausen 2012 “Microfabricated Chips for In- situ TEM Microscopy”
  6. Søren Matthias Goldschmidt, 2010, Alge Mikrokultur System,
  7. Niels Brehm Nielsen, 2010, Microfluidic gradient generator
  8. Mikkel Ravn Boye Jensen, 2010, Optimizing Cell Embedding for FIB-SEM
  9. Christian Fink Elkjær and Jakob Lyager Rasmussen, 2009, Fabrication and Test of Chips for Electron Microscopy of Processes in Liquids




Reviewing & Refereeing



  • Started - an initiative for developing new teaching material for schools on nanotechnology.
  • Started the DTU Science Show - and outreach project run by students supported by DTU. See More than 40.000 spectators by 2012.
  • Started the Physics Show at the Institute of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus, together with Klaus Seiersen. See More than 100.000 spectators by 2016.


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