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1992 …2022
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Projects 2008 2022


Two-dimensional nanomaterial composites for flexible energy storage and conversion devices

Cao, X., Duus, J. Ø., Chi, Q., Kegnæs, S., Ruzgas, T. & Schaumburg, K.


Project: PhD

Transition metal catalysis for synthesis of green, renwwable, chemical building blocks

Larsen, D. B., Duus, J. Ø., Daugaard, A. E., Fristrup, P., Tanner, D. A., Ahlquist, M. S. G. & Hietala, S. H. O.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

In Silico Prediction of the Substrate Specificity of Sirtuins in Combination Synthesisand Biochemical Profiling

Colaço, A. R. F., Peters, G. H. J., Duus, J. Ø., Fristrup, P., Olsen, C. A., Kepp, K. P., Lindorff-Larsen, K. & Sippl, W.

Samfinansierede - Virksomhed


Project: PhD

Structure and function of the regulatory domain in tryptophanhydroxulase

Tidemand, K. D., Peters, G. H. J., Christensen, H. E. M., Harris, P., Duus, J. Ø., Thórólfsson, M. & Westh, P.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Lignin biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals

Melián Rodríguez, M., Riisager, A., Kegnæs, S., Shunmugavel, S., Duus, J. Ø., Gonzales, M. A. B. & Johannsen, I.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Solving the 3D structural Puzzle

Hoeck, C., Gotfredsen, C. H., Duus, J. Ø., Vosegaard, T. & Luy, B.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Supermolecular Derivation of Graphene Nanomaterials for Chemical Sensors

Olsen, G., Duus, J. Ø., Gorton, L. G. O., Chi, Q., Nielsen, M. B. & Ulstrup, J.

Institut, samfinansiering


Project: PhD

Opdagelse af bioaktive marine naturstoffer

Kildgaard, S., Larsen, T. O., Nielsen, K. F., Duus, J. Ø., Fretté, X. & Sterner, O.

1/3 FUU, 1/3 inst 1/3 Andet


Project: PhD

Synthesis of Saccharides related to Plant Cell Wall Carbohydrates

d'Errico, C., Madsen, R., Duus, J. Ø., Jensen, H. H. & Widmalm, G.



Project: PhD

Total synthesis of Sioboldine A

Olsen, L. B., Tanner, D. A., Nielsen, T. E., Duus, J. Ø., Nielsen, J. & Craig, D.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Synthesis of Antomicrobial Natural Product Derivatives on Photlabile Solid Support

Mikkelsen, R. J. T., Tanner, D. A., Nielsen, T. E., Duus, J. Ø., Nielsen, J. & Ovaa, H.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Syntese af oligosakkarider relateret til plantepolysakkaridet pektin

Daugaard, M., Clausen, M. H., Duus, J. Ø., Nielsen, P. & Codée, J. D. C.



Project: PhD

Oligosaccharide synthesis

Zakharova, A., Madsen, R., Clausen, M. H., Duus, J. Ø., Field, R. A. & Hindsgaul, O.

Marie Curie (EU-stipendium)


Project: PhD

Enzymatic Production of Gut-functional Polysaccharides

Abang Zaidel, D. N. B., Meyer, A. S., Mikkelsen, J. D., Bergenståhl, B. & Duus, J. Ø.

Stipendie fra udlandet


Project: PhD