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1989 …2020

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Analog Integrated Circuits

Bruun, E., Lehmann, T., Steensgaard-Madsen, J., Wad, P. E., Shah, P. J., Mucha, I., Jørgensen, I. H. H. & Fürst, C. E.

01/02/1989 → …

Project: Research

New Technology-Driven Approaches in the Design of Preamplifiers for Condenser Microphones

Haas-Christensen, J., Andreani, P., Rombach, P., Stenberg, L. J., Andersen, M. A. E., Jørgensen, I. H. H., Wisland, D. T. & Bruun, E.

ErhvervsPhD-ordningen VTU


Project: PhD

Data Converters

Wismar, U. S., Andreani, P., Hansen, O., Jørgensen, I. H. H., Malcovsti, P. & Bruun, E.

DTU stipendium


Project: PhD

Low Power/Low Voltage Techniques for Analog CMOS Circuits

Cassia, M., Andreani, P., Jørgensen, I. H. H., Larsen, T. & Bruun, E.

DTU stipendium


Project: PhD

Implementerbare transpondere til nerve sensorer

Nielsen, J. H., Lehmann, T., Andreani, P., Jørgensen, I. H. H., Lande, T. S. & Bruun, E.

Blandet Finansiering - SU


Project: PhD

Biotelemetri systemer

Gudnason, G., Hansen, O., Jørgensen, I. H. H., Lande, T. S. & Bruun, E.

DTU stipendium


Project: PhD

Intelligent transducers

Bruun, E., Lehmann, T., Breten, M., Ning, F., Steensgaard-Madsen, J., Fürst, C. E., Jørgensen, I. H. H., Mucha, I. & Suurballe, M.



Project: Research