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Optimal and holistic implementation of central drinking water softening

Tang, C., Albrechtsen, H., Rygaard, M., Wormslev, E. C., Rosshaug, P. S. & Kristensen, J. B.

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Project: PhD

Activated carbon filtration of water

Arvin, E., Albrechtsen, H. & Boe-Hansen, R.

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Project: Research

Swimming pool disinfection by-products

Cheema, W. A., Andersen, H. R., Kaarsholm, K. M. S., Albrechtsen, H., Chowdhury, S. & Uhl, W.



Project: PhD

Effect of niche dimensionallty on nitrifier community diversity

Diwan, V., Dechesne, A., Albrechtsen, H., Smets, B. F., Fotidis, I., Nicolaisen, M. H. & Paul, C. J.


Project: PhD

Assessment of the drinking water quality sensor prototype ”Zebra”

Christensen, S. C. B., Vang, Ó. K. & Albrechtsen, H.


Project: Research

Controlling factors for nitrification in biological rapid sand filters for drinking water treatment

Wagner, F. B., Albrechtsen, H., Boe-Hansen, R., Jensen, M. M., Roslev, P. & van der Wielen, P. W. J. J.

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Project: PhD

Rensning af drikkevand

Christensen, S. C. B., Andersen, H. R., Refstrup, M. & Albrechtsen, H.


Project: Research

Microbial water quality in clean water tanks following inspection and cleaning

Christensen, S. C. B. & Albrechtsen, H.


Project: Research

Occurrence and degradation of contaminants at the groundwater surface water interface

Brauns, B., Bjerg, P. L., Jakobsen, R., Song, X., Albrechtsen, H., Holm, P. E. & Liu, S.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Resistance to gene flow in soil microbial communities

Klümper, U., Smets, B. F., Dechesne, A., Albrechtsen, H., Rensing, C. & Graham, D. W.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Model-based analysis and optimazation of biological rapid sand filters at pilot and full scale

Lee, C. O., Binning, P. J., Albrechtsen, H., Boe-Hansen, R., Smets, B. F., Plósz, B. G., Rietveld, L. C. & Roslev, P.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Quantitative health and microbial risk assessment for public warning during flood

Andersen, S. T., Albrechtsen, H., Helwigh, O. M., Mikkelsen, P. S., Djordjevic, S. & Ethelberg, S.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

The role os spatial heterogeneity as a limiting factor for pesticide biodegradation in contaminated aquifers

Pazarbasi, M. B., Albrechtsen, H., Aamand, J., Dechesne, A., Martin-Laurent, F., Aamand, J. & Nybroe, O.

Ansat eksternt


Project: PhD

Unravelling the microbiological limitations for degradation of low pesticide concentrations in aquifers

Gozdereliler, E., Albrechtsen, H., Jakobsen, R., Springael, D. & Aamand, J.

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Project: PhD

Strategies for chemical healthy public swimming pools

Kaarsholm, K. M. S., Andersen, H. R., Albrechtsen, H., Mosbæk, H., Lützhøft, H. H. & Grønborg, O.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD