Georgios Kontogeorgis

  1. Application of an association equation of state to enchanced oil recovery processes

    Vinhal, A. P. C. M., Kontogeorgis, G., Yan, W., von Solms, N., Gross, J. & Llovell, F.

    Science Without Borders


    Project: PhD

  2. Computation of Simultaneous Phase and Chemical Equilibrium

    Tsanas, C., Yan, W., Stenby, E. H., Kontogeorgis, G., Jessen, K. & Solbraa, E.

    Technical University of Denmark


    Project: PhD

  3. Sustainable process design with process intensification

    Frauzem, R., Gani, R., Woodley, J., Kontogeorgis, G., Bode, A. & Zondervan, E.

    Samfinansieret - Andet


    Project: PhD

  4. Computer-aided Mixture and Blend Design

    Cignitti, S., Woodley, J., Abildskov, J., Gernaey, K. V., Kontogeorgis, G., Camarda, K. V. & Kate, A. J. B. T.



    Project: PhD

  5. Development of the Electrolyte CPA Equation of State

    Schlaikjer, A. T., Kontogeorgis, G., Thomsen, K., Fosbøl, P. L., Maribo-Mogensen, B. & Diamantonis, N.

    Samfinansierede - Virksomhed


    Project: PhD

  6. Thermodynamics of Petroleum Fluids relevant to Subsea Processing

    Kruger, F. J., von Solms, N., Kontogeorgis, G., Yan, W., Herslund, P. J. & Burger, A. J.

    Samfinansierede - Virksomhed


    Project: PhD

  7. Modeling of Asphaltene systems with Association Models

    Arya, A., Kontogeorgis, G., von Solms, N., Yan, W., Sørensen, H. & Vargas, F. M.

    1/3 FUU, 1/3 inst 1/3 Andet


    Project: PhD

  8. CO2 Capture from Coal Fired Power Plants

    Gabrielsen, J., Stenby, E. H., Kontogeorgis, G., Michelsen, M. L., von Solms, N., Fogh, F. & Solbraa, E.

    Offentlig finansiering


    Project: PhD

  9. Modelling and Design of Chemically Formulated Products

    Soni, V., Gani, R., Abildskov, J., Kontogeorgis, G., Drioli, E., Wiebe, L. & Jonsson, G. E.

    Eksternt finansieret virksomhed


    Project: PhD

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