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1995 …2021

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Purification and characterization of TMAOase of saithe and hake.

Jørgensen, B. M., Nielsen, M. K., Jessen, F., Berner, L., Rehbein, H. & Gonzalez-Sotelo, C.



Project: Research


Jessen, F. & Cappeln, G.



Project: Research

Advanced methods for identification and quality monitoring of (heat) processed fish

Jessen, F., Stampe-Villadsen, H. L., Luten, J., Rehbein, H., Etienne, M., Mendes, R., Perez-Martin, R., Craig, A., Malmheden-Yman, I., Martinez, I. & Åkesson, G.



Project: Research

Membranbundne enzymer som fryselagringsindikatorer

Godiksen, H., Jessen, F., Jørgensen, B. M., Nielsen, R. & Rehbein, H.



Project: PhD

Quality indicators for frozen fish

Nielsen, J., Jensen, H. S., Jørgensen, B. M., Jessen, F., Jensen, K. N. & Godiksen, H.



Project: Research

Kvalitet af muskelbaserede fiskeprodukter

Jensen, K. N., Nielsen, J., Jørgensen, B. M., Martens, H., Jessen, F., Frisvad, J. C. & Ofstad, R.

Forskerakademiets Samfinansier


Project: PhD

Væksthastighed og kvalitet af opdrætsfisk - Effekt af avlsarbejde på regnbueørred

Leth, N. K., Jessen, F., Jacobsen, S., Frier, J. & Andersen, T. R.



Project: PhD

Prediction of technological and sensory quality of trout

Jessen, F., Kjærsgård, I. V. H., Godiksen, H., Hyldig, G., Barkholt, V. & Frøkiær, H.


Project: Research

Superfrysning af fisk - optimering af kvalitet og økonomi

Burgaard, M. G., Jørgensen, B. M., Jessen, F., Arason, S. & Karlsson, A. H.

Ansat eksternt


Project: PhD

Fiskekvalitet og fiskehelse- sygdoms indflydelse på kødkvalitet hos fisk

Ingerslev, H., Nielsen, M. E., Nielsen, H. H., Jessen, F., Andersen, L. P. & Wiegertjes, G. F.

Offentlig finansiering


Project: PhD

ORAQUA: Organic Aquaculture - the linkage between sustainable production and superior products

McKenzie, D. J., Jokumsen, A., Pedersen, L., Dalsgaard, I., Nielsen, H. H., Jacobsen, C. M., Jessen, F., Larsen, E. P., Nielsen, M. E., Kold, J. & Larsen, V. J.

Forskningsprojekter - Fødevareministeriet


Project: Research

Healthy, Nutritious and Tasty Fish for the Future

Rentsch, M. L., Jessen, F., Jørgensen, B. M., Højrup, P., Yaqoob, P. & Lauritzen, L.

Offentlig finansiering


Project: PhD

Potential natural antioxidants: Aquatic Resources as a Source of Potential Natural Antioxidants for Food Industry

Farvin Habebullah, S., Jacobsen, C., Gram, L., Jessen, F., Nielsen, H. H. & Nielsen, K. F.


Project: Research

PEPFISH: Utilisation of bioactive peptides from fish processing - Upgrading the value of secondary products.

Jessen, F., Nielsen, H. H., Andersen, L. L., Nielsen, M. E., Hoffmann, E. K., Andersen, L. P., Elvevol, E. O., Jakobsen, G., Lynglev, G. B. & Rørvig, P.

Programkomiteen for Sundhed, Fødevarer og Velfærd


Project: Research

Discovery and characterization of novel bioactive peptides from marine secondary products

Falkenberg, S. S., Nielsen, H. H., Jessen, F., Stagsted, J., Jørgensen, B. M., Kristensson, H. G. & Rustad, T.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

FENAMI: Functional Electrospun Nanostructures and Microstructures for Food and Bioengineering Applications

Chronakis, I. S., Meyer, A. S., Qvortrup, K., Ye, L., Goycoolea, F. M., Nielsen, K. A., Jessen, F., Boutrup Stephansen, K., Jørgensen, L. & Mendes, A. C. L.

Independent Research Fund Denmark


Project: Research

Muscle-specific stability of pork packaged in modified atmosphere during refrigerated storage

Spanos, D., Jacobsen, C., Baron, C. P., Christensen, M., Ann Tørngren, M., Jessen, F., Ertbjerg, P. & Lund, M. N.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Mass spectrometry-based structural characterization of cross-linked peptides from extracellular matrix proteins

Mariotti, M., Svensson, B., Leeming, D. J., Hägglund, P., Jessen, F., Emanuelsson, C., Davies, M. & Pitt, A. R.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

New analytical process programs- and technologies for optimasation of acid marinated herring production

Laub-Ekgreen, M. H., Jessen, F., Frosch, S., Jørgensen, B. M., Jacobsen, C., Szymczak, M., Rustad, T. & Martinez Lopez, B.

Samfinansieret - Andet


Project: PhD

Developing a decision support tool for process optimization for fish product

Jordbrekk Blikra, M., Jessen, F., Feyissa, A. H., Skipnes, D., Hansen, E. B., Datta, A. K. & Lerfall, J.

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Project: PhD