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1992 …2020

Research output per year

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Dosimetry for on-line monitored MR linac radiotherapy

Klavsen, M. F., Andersen, C. E., Vogelius, I. R. & Behrens, C. F.


Project: PhD


Fiber-coupled scintillator dosimetry for proton therapy

Christensen, J. B., Andersen, C. E., Grau, C., Lauritzen, B., Rabus, H. & van der Graaf, E. R.

Samfinansieret - Andet


Project: PhD

A target diagnostic imaging system for ESS

Borghi, N., Lauritzen, B., Zanini, L., Andersen, C. E., Lilley, S. & Thomsen, K.

Samfinansierede - Virksomhed


Project: PhD

Small-field dosimetry standard for MV photon beams

Santurio, G. V., Andersen, C. E., Lindvold, L. R., Ceberg, C. & Palmans, H.



Project: PhD

Improving Quality of Motion Managed Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer Patients

Sibolt, P., Andersen, C. E., Lauritzen, B., Seco, J., Poulsen, P. R. & Behrens, C. F.

Samfinansierede - Virksomhed


Project: PhD

Development and characterisation of radiation sensitive polymers for 3D dosimetry of x-rays

Bernal Zamorano, M. D. R., Lindvold, L. R., Andersen, C. E., Helt-Hansen, J., Jensen, M., Sharpe, P. & Bäck, S.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Evaluation of optical surface scanning of mammary cancer patients for improved radiotherapy

Bekke, S. N., Andersen, C. E., Mahmood, F., Lindvold, L. R., Elstrøm, U. V., McNair, H. A. & Behrens, C. F.

1/3 FUU, 1/3 inst 1/3 Andet


Project: PhD

Improved radiotherapy utilizing 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging techniques

Baker, M., Andersen, C. E., Jensen, J. A., Lauritzen, B., Elstrøm, U. V., Harris, E. J. & Behrens, C. F.

Ansat eksternt


Project: PhD

Reference-class luminescence dosimetry for radiotherapy

Buranurak, S., Andersen, C. E., Lauritzen, B., Ceberg, C. & Chakarova, R.

Stipendie fra udlandet


Project: PhD