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I am a physicist at the Danish National Space Institute working on the scientific and instrumental data analysis software for a number of satellite-based astronomical instruments. Currently this includes JEM-X on the INTEGRAL satellite, which was launched in 2002, and HFI on the Planck satellite that was launched in May 2009.

Since January 2014 I have been the communications office for DTU Space and the web editor for the website ESA-astronaut.dk.

As well as writing and maintaining software I hold lectures/activities on astronomy and cosmology for school children in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Other information

Delivered conference papers and posters in USA, Japan and Europe. Contributed to INTEGRAL mission planning and development meetings in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Germany and Sweden

Contributed to Planck mission planning and development meetings in Italy, France and Holland

Studied at university level in England, USA and France

Primary and secondary education in the UK

Language Skills:
English (native)
Danish (fluent)
French (used to be fluent)
English Braille Grade 2 (fluent)

Research areas

Scientific software for reduction and analysis of data, applied to a variety of physical and astronomical systems: instrument calibration of JEM-X; beam calibration of Planck; amorphous magnetic alloys of particles and ribbons; magnetic alignment of nematic liquid crystals. Laboratory electronics for precision temperature control Teaching physics and astronomy at undergraduate level Public outreach lectures on physics and astronomy for children

Education/Academic qualification

Ph.D. Physics, University of Delaware, USA


Master of Science, Physics, University of Delaware, USA


Bachelor of Science, Physics, Imperial College, London, UK


Associate of the Royal College of Science, Royal College of Science, Imperial College, London, UK


External positions

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Technical University of Denmark


Postgraduate Research Fellow, University of Delaware, USA


Postgraduate Research Fellow, Bartol Research Institute, Delaware, USA


Teaching Assistant, University of Delaware, USA



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  • Public Outreach
  • Scientific software development
  • JEM-X


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