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1984 …2021

Research output per year

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Hovad, E., Ersbøll, B. K., Thyregod, C. & Kaltoft, L.


Project: Consultancy

Forbedring af Videobilledsekvenser

Ersbøll, B. K.

23/06/1998 → …

Project: Research

Estimation and quantification of digitised craniofacial X-rays

Ersbøll, B. K. & Paulsen, H. U.

01/01/1996 → …

Project: Research

Bocart, (DTU Link)

Hovad, E., Thyregod, C., Ersbøll, B. K., Jespersen, C. & Rootzén, H.


Project: Consultancy

Veo - Smart Innovation

Hovad, E., Ersbøll, B. K., Thyregod, C. & Madsen, C.


Project: Consultancy

Visualization, Analysis and Modelling of On-street Parking Data

Thyregod, C., Ersbøll, B. K. & Notarangelo, R.


Project: Research

Automated NIR management

Larsen, J. S., Larsen, A., Skov, T. H., Stockmarr, A., Mørup, M., Darkner, S., Fearn, T., Clemmensen, L. K. H. & Ersbøll, B. K.

Samfinansieret - Andet


Project: PhD

Impact Assessment of University Research

Woltmann, S., Alkærsig, L., Ersbøll, B. K., Li-Ying, J., D´Este, P. & Gulbrandsen, M.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

CSG: COMPUTE Software Group

Störrle, H., Madsen, J., Ersbøll, B. K. & Kristensen, K.


Project: Research

Smart Innovation: Parking Guidance

Thyregod, C. & Ersbøll, B. K.


Project: Research

Statistical modelling of space-time processes with

Lenzi, A., Ersbøll, B. K., Clemmensen, L. K. H., Pinson, P., Stockmarr, A., Girard, R. & Thorarinsdottir, T. L.

Science Without Borders


Project: PhD

Image Analysis for X-ray Imaging of Food

Einarsdottir, H., Ersbøll, B. K., Larsen, R., Paulsen, R. R., Heyden, A. & Andersen, K.

Institut, samfinansiering


Project: PhD

Monitoring Animal Wellbeing

Gronskyte, R., Kulahci, M., Clemmensen, L. K. H., Hviid, M. S., Ersbøll, B. K., Bergquist, B. & Christensen, L. B.

Institut, samfinansiering


Project: PhD

Multivariate Analysis Techniques for Optimal Vision System Design

Sharifzadeh, S., Clemmensen, L. K. H., Ersbøll, B. K., Conradsen, K., van den Berg, F. W. J. & Ames, B. P. W.



Project: PhD

Short range modelling of Culicoides dispersal

Kirkeby, C. T., Lind, P., Bødker, R., Stockmarr, A., Ersbøll, B. K. & Chirico, J. C. F.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Quantitative assessment of course evaluation

Sliusarenko, T., Ersbøll, B. K., Conradsen, K., Malmi, L. T. E. & Adawi, T. W.

1/3 FUU, 1/3 inst 1/3 Andet


Project: PhD

Towards the Interactive ESS-Food Catalogue

Laursen, L. F., Ersbøll, B. K., Bærentzen, J. A., Christensen, L. B., Carstensen, J. M., Madsen, C. B. & Sramek, M.

1/3 DTU-stip, 2/3 FUR/andet


Project: PhD

Cranio-facial growth modelling

Thorup, S. S., Larsen, R., Darvann, T. A., Hermann, N., Paulsen, R. R., Ersbøll, B. K., Rueckert, D., Østergaard, L. R. & Kreiborg, S.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

New vision technology for multidimensional quality monitoring of food processes

Dissing, B. S., Ersbøll, B. K., Adler-Nissen, J., Jørgensen, B. M., Christensen, L. B. & Parkkinen, J.

1/3 DTU-stip, 2/3 FUR/andet


Project: PhD

Online CT-scanning af slagtesvin

Mosbech, T. H., Ersbøll, B. K., Christensen, L. B., Larsen, R., Conradsen, K., Brandt, S. & Bünger, L.

1/3 DTU-stip, 2/3 FUR/andet


Project: PhD