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Contrasting the Water Innovation Systems in Europe and China

Moro, M. A., Smets, B. F., McKnight, U. S., Yang, M., Mikkelsen, P. S., Gerstlberger, W., Walz, R. & Andersen, M. M.

Samfinansieret - Andet


Project: PhD

Realizing autotrophic nitrogen removal in membrane-aerated biofilms

Ma, Y., Smets, B. F., Plósz, B. G., Andersen, H. R., Nerenberg, R. & Lackner, S.

Stipendie fra udlandet


Project: PhD

Functionality increase in MBBRs due to metabolic expansion vs community expansion

Torresi, E., Smets, B. F., Andersen, H. R., Plósz, B. G., Rolle, M., Patureau, D., Wilén, B. & Christensson, M.

Stipendie fra udlandet


Project: PhD

Effect of niche dimensionallty on nitrifier community diversity

Diwan, V., Dechesne, A., Albrechtsen, H., Smets, B. F., Fotidis, I., Nicolaisen, M. H. & Paul, C. J.


Project: PhD

The structure and functional role of microbial communities in rapid sand filters

Palomo, A., Sicheritz-Pontén, T., Rasmussen, S., Smets, B. F., Petersen, T. N., Daims, H. & Thamdrup, B.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions


Project: PhD

Wastewater resource recovery using green micro-algae

Wágner, D. S., Plósz, B. G., Smets, B. F., Hartmann, N. B., Ellegaard, M. & Steyer, J.

Samfinansieret - Andet


Project: PhD

Resistance to gene flow in soil microbial communities

Klümper, U., Smets, B. F., Dechesne, A., Albrechtsen, H., Rensing, C. & Graham, D. W.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

Model-based analysis and optimazation of biological rapid sand filters at pilot and full scale

Lee, C. O., Binning, P. J., Albrechtsen, H., Boe-Hansen, R., Smets, B. F., Plósz, B. G., Rietveld, L. C. & Roslev, P.

Technical University of Denmark


Project: PhD

P2M2: Physical and physiological properties of membrane-aerated and membrane-supported biofilms

Pellicer i Nàcher, C., Smets, B. F., Plósz, B. G., Galceran, J. C. & Halkjær Nielsen, P.

Eksternt finansieret virksomhed


Project: PhD

Role of Water Connectivity On Bacterial Growth & Pollutant Removal In Unsaturated Conditions

Gülez, G., Smets, B. F., Dechesne, A., Jakobsen, R., Nunan, N. & Tolker-Nielsen, T.

1/3 DTU-stip, 2/3 FUR/andet


Project: PhD

718: Centre for biotechnological wastewater research

Arvin, E., Schmidt, J. E., Henze, M. & Smets, B. F.



Project: Research

Thermodynamics of Transient and Steady-State Sub-Oxic Redox Processes Relevant to Groundwater Contamination

Heimann, A. C., Jakobsen, R., Blodau, C., Smets, B. F., Sanford, R. A. & Thamdrup, B.



Project: PhD

Biological Removal of MTBE in Anaerobic Reactors

Waul, C. K., Arvin, E., Schmidt, J. E., Smets, B. F., La Cour Jansen, J., Schirmer, M. & Jansen, J. L. C.

DTU stipendium


Project: PhD