Teraherts Technologies and Biophotonics

Former organisational unit. 01/08/2015. Taken over by Terahertz Science & Technology


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Terahertz Technology

Light pulses are a perfect tool for studies of ultrafast dynamic processes in nature. In our laboratories we use the terahertz waves to study the behavior of materials on a very fast time scale – vibrations in biological molecules, motion of electrons in semiconductors and polymers, and behavior of charges in such liquids as watter.

Terahertz waves are extremely promising for nondestructive analysis in advanced materials, including many types of composites and layered structures. More over, terahertz light can penetrate clothing and packing materials, and can identify dangerous chemicals, such as explosives. In our group develop imaging and sensing technologies using light at terahertz frequencies.    

The terahertz frequency range has high potential for use in communications at ultrahigh speed. At DTU Fotonik we develop terahertz photonic crystal fibers for communication and medical application. We also investigate properties of various terahertz waveguides.


We develop and use broadband laser sources for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in biophotonics. Our technology, known as Optical Coherence Tomography, allows live imaging of biological processes as they occur inside living animals. We have used this technology to visualize the development of tissue in animal embryos. It is the first time that such delicate processes can be visualized directly, and hence it gives invaluable new information about the development of tissue. 

Furthermore, we are developing our invented and patented GPC-platform to be used in a number of applications requiring spatio-temporal light-beam encoding such as the generation of multiple beam optical trapping and manipulation, optical encryption or phase-visualization applications like wavefront sensing. Recently, an all-optical biophotonics workstation has been developed on this research platform.


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