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Enzyme and Protein Chemistry (EPC) is an international group where interchange of competences and experience provides a fertile basis for research and education. The expertise of the group members range from protein biochemistry, carbohydrate biochemistry,  molecular biology, microbiology and plant biochemistry.

The main activities of EPC are related to food and raw materials for food, but the methods and main strategies are relevant  in relation to various biotechnological issues. The aim is to explain the molecular mechanisms and interactions relevant for functionality and quality of foodstuffs and raw materials and to identify the biochemical mechanisms connected to health promoting and nutrition related effects of food.

EPC houses a core facility for amino acid analysis and protein sequencing offering analyses on a commercial basis for DTU, other universities and industry.

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Our main research activities are within the field of biochemistry and food, relating raw materials, functional quality and nutrition. The activities are based on expertise in protein biochemistry, biochemical methodology, protein/protein and protein/carbohydrate interactions, protein engineering and proteomics.

EPC runs a technology platform dedicated to advanced proteome analysis. This includes 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis, mass spectrometry for identification and characterisation of proteins separated by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, as well as of recombinant proteins; differential  gel electrophoresis (DIGE) monitored by a Typhoon scanner, image analysis; and surface plasmon resonance, which is used for sensitive measurements of interactions between proteins and other molecules, typically carbohydrates.

A core facility is dedicated to amino acid analysis and protein sequencing.

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At EPC you can receive education at several levels starting with basic courses, projects at different stages of the education including thesis and PhD projects. The courses are within the areas biological chemistry, biochemistry, protein chemistry, nutrition and immunology and can be taken in connection with the different degrees offered at DTU.

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