Centre for Product Modelling

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Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The Centre for Product Modelling (CPM) is a Danish research institution under the Department of Management Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. CPM is dedicated to researching automation of routine engineering tasks in the product specification process. CPM has recently developed and tested a methodology for designing and implementing product models, which are used as product specification systems in configuration process.
By incorporating knowledge of e.g. the structure, function, production, transport, assembly, use etc. of a product into a product model, this knowledge is made accessible to other organisational units and is more easily shared with other units, both in-house and in relation to the customers and suppliers of the company.

CPM is also the driving force behind the Association for Product Modelling in Denmark, which is an association of firms interested in - and using - product models.

Product models can for example be used for:

  • The configuration of products in connection with sales/biddings. Either directly via the Internet or by using laptop PC's.
  • The automatic generating of product documentation for the purpose of company purchasing and production in connection with the executing of orders.
  • The support of detailed construction of custom-fit product variants.

In the Centre for Industrialisation of Engineering we focus on the construction of product models that can support the sales process.

This task comprises procedures for:

  • Analysing and developing already existing business processes for sales, biddings, and adaptation/documentation of products for individual customer needs.
  • Analysing the possibilities offered by product models and their incorporation in the overall business strategy of the company.
  • Constructing and implementing product models.

The procedures are developed by combining competencies within the business/strategic area, techniques for modelling and implementation of product models and organisational conditions.