Center for Quantum Technologies

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    Fysikvej, 309-206

    2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Organization profile

Our mission is to be an international spearhead in the development of quantum technologies, emphasizing real-life applications of quantum sensing and quantum communication, and cutting-edge education of a new generation of innovative quantum engineers.

An interdisciplinary approach to quantum technology

Transforming complex quantum phenomena into viable technology is inherently an interdisciplinary task. As a leading technical university with a long-standing tradition for translating basic research into industrial deployment, DTU has in-house expertise on core quantum physics and microfabrication as well as electronic, software and control engineering for developing quantum devices for real-life applications.

QuantumDTU brings together and merges this range of world-class scientific and technological competency, providing an unmatched basis and ideal conditions for accelerating the development of quantum technologies.

Center leader: Ulrik Lund Andersen