Adaptive Immunology & Parasitology

Former organisational unit. 01/11/2012. Taken over by Section for Immunology and Vaccinology


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The group performs research in host immune responses to infectious diseases. The output is mainly used in health control and health surveillance and in vaccine development.

Sensitive and specific laboratory tests for immune based diagnosis of infectious diseases are developed and documented. We are working with both antibody-based tests and tests employing the cell-mediated immune response. We are trying to exploit our knowledge to develop new generations of vaccines with increased protection against infectious diseases.

In our hybridoma laboratory we generate and produce monoclonal antibodies for in-house diagnostics or research. We are also performing contract based development of mAbs for other clients. See more on prices and conditions here  (in Danish), or contact us directly for a quote.


Our research in parasitology is focused on development of methods for improved diagnosis and control of parasitic infections. Our main focus is on protozoal infections, including giardiosis and cryptosporidiosis in swine and cattle, and on zoonotic parasites such as mapping of Cryptosporidium parvum in the food-chain.

We are also involved in research on anti-parasite vaccine development and on the effect of parasitic infections on immune responses to other infections or vaccines.

The research group holds the scientific responsibility for the diagnstics in parasitology performed at the Veterinary Institute, and gives advice on parasitic infections in production and companion animals.

The research group is led by Professor, DVM, Ph.D. Gregers Jungersen.


Contact information

Bülowsvej 27
Frederiksberg C
  • Phone: +45 35 88 60 00
  • Fax: +45 35 88 60 01
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