Video and data-set behind the figures used in the book chapter:

Mikkelsen, LP, The fatigue Damage evolution in the load-carrying composite laminates of wind turbine blades, chapter 16 in “Fatigue life prediction of composites and composite structures”, Edited by A.P. Vassilopoulos, Second edition, Elsevier Ltd, To be published in 2019.

The files are organised based on the first characters in the filename with fist two numbers and than a "a" for video and "b,c.." for data behind that video. The video have the following link to the figures in the book chapter:

Figure 16.19: 03a-Eps05-2-Zoom.mp4 ,
Figure 16.21A: 01a-2Dprojection.avi ,
Figure 16.21B: 02a-Video 3D 360.mpg ,
Figure 16.25: 11a-Eps05-2.mp4 ,
Figure 16.28A: 21a-LFoVexsitu.mp4 ,
Figure 16.28B: 22a-SFoV1G.mp4 ,
Figure 16.29: 23a-SFoVGreen.mp4 ,
Figure 16.30: 24a-SFoVRed.mp4 ,
Figure 16.31: 25a-RotatingSegmentedDamage.mpg ,
Figure 16.34: 31a-Stained.mpg ,
Figure 16.35: 41a-RLmovie.mpg ,
Figure 16.36A: 51a-SFoV-Tension-Compression-T.mpg ,
Figure 16.36B: 52a-SFoV-Tension-Compression-W.mpg ,
Date made available2018
Date of data production2018

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