Internal large field of view observations with optical microscope of fatigue damage in composite materials during bending loading



Stitched microscope pictures ...

References to this data-set should include a reference to one of the following two papers in where the data has been used.

Mortensen U., Andersen, T.L., Mikkelsen, L.P., Observation of Edge Effect in Flexural Fatigue Test of Composites using Large Field of View Microscopy, Journal of Composite Materials., 2020

Mortensen, U.A., Mikkelsen, L.P., Andersen, T.L. Observation of the interaction between transverse cracking and fibre breaks in uni-directional non-crimp fabric composites subjected to cyclic bending fatigue damage mechanism, submitted, Feb. 2022.

The naming of the pictures are build up by the follwing elements

EL_05 is the plate ID,
J01-J09 is the sample ID where the following load level are defined:

J01: 1 000 cycles
J02: 2 500 cycles
J03: 5 000 cycles
J04: 10 000 cycles
J05: 50 000 cycles
J06: 100 000 cycles
J07: 250 000 cycles
J08: 500 000 cycles
J09: 1 000 000 cycles

S01-04: is the 4 surfaces inside the sample as shown in the picture saved in: xxx. The picture show the sample where the red planes indicate the polished surfaces where the microscopy pictures from the internal surfaces are taken.

The pictures are oriented with the compression side upward and the tensile side downward similar to the orientation of the actual 4-point fatigue bending test sample.
Date made available2019
Date of data production2019

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