Hyper and viscoelastic single point ball impact FEM model Abaqus data



    Finite element models of a rubber ball impact on a steel or polyurethane target published in connection with the journal paper:

    Jespersen, K. M., Eftekhar, M., Johansen, N. F.-J., Bech, J. I., Mishnaesvky Jr., L., Mikkelsen, L. P. (2022), High rate response of elastomeric coatings for wind turbine blade erosion protection evaluated through impact tests and numerical models (Reference to be updated!)

    Videos with reference to the Fig. 7 in the paper:

    Nitrile_Impacting_PU_U2_video.avi: https://video.dtu.dk/media/Nitrile_Impacting_PU_U2_video/0_v62cln3h

    Nitrile_Impacting_Steel_U2_video.avi: https://video.dtu.dk/media/Nitrile_Impacting_Steel_U2_video/0_q3twt90u

    Nitrile_Impacting_Steel_HighspeedVideo.avi: https://video.dtu.dk/media/Rubber_Impacting_Steel_HighspeedVideo/0_ns450rev

    Combined video: https://video.dtu.dk/media/Combined-PU-Steel-HighSpeed/0_u3y3228x

    Date made available2021

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