Edge based large field of view observations with optical microscope of fatigue damage in composite materials during bending loading



Stitched microscope pictures ...

References to this data-set should include a reference to the following paper in where the data has been used.

[1] Mortensen U., Andersen, T.L., Mikkelsen, L.P., Observation of Edge Effect in Flexural Fatigue Test of Composites using Large Field of View Microscopy, Journal of Composite Materials. https://doi.org/10.1177/0021998320902233, 2020

The naming of the files is given in the following structure EI_05_A03_kxxx_stitch.tif where

EI_05_A03 is the sample ID
kxxx indicate after how many cycles the stitched microscopy picture are taken where e.g.

k000 is the initial picture,
k001 is after 1 000 cycles
k220 is after 220 000 cycles
Date made available2019
Date of data production2019

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