Compilation of Thunnus thynnus (bluefin tuna) catches in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean 1950–2010



The data have been extracted and compiled from various sources but mainly from the ICES data base. The ICES data are from catch databases downloaded from the ICES website on 2014-01-14. These data are resolved by ICES area, country and year. During inspection of these data, it was noted that Norwegian data for years before 1950 had not been entered into the catch database on the ICES website. ICES has been notified of this omission by B. R. MacKenzie. The Norwegian data from ICES Bulletins. Statistiques has been added. Additional historical bluefin tuna catch data from other fishery reports and sources have been included in the data file for years preceding those when countries started reported their landings officially to ICES. These additional data have been reported in the literature previously (MacKenzie and Myers 2007, Fisheries Research).
Date made available13 Jan 2023

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