Nine ”new” endocrine disrupting chemicals identified

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News from DTU Food 31.11.18 a new scientific report for CEHoS (Center for Endocrine disruptors)




Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark have established that there is solid scientific evidence that nine ”new” chemical substances are endocrine disruptors.

 Years of research have shown that a wide range of chemical substances may have endocrine disrupting effects. Authorities and NGOs around the world have compiled lists containing thousands of existing substances that are suspected of having endocrine disrupting effects. However, the scientific evidence related to these chemicals’ endocrine disrupting properties varies greatly from very strong to very weak.

 There is political consensus both in Denmark and internationally that there is a need to minimize exposure to endocrine disrupting substances. However, in order to prioritize efforts and increase chemical safety, it is important to know exactly which substances have an endocrine disrupting effect on humans and the environment.

Period31 Oct 2018 → 1 Nov 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitleForskere finder ni 'nye' hormonforstyrrende stoffer: »Vi ser kun toppen af isbjerget
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Media name/outletIngeniøren
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionForskere fra DTU og SDU har fundet ni ’nye’ hormonforstyrrende stoffer, heriblandt Bisphenol AF. Man er klar over, at man kun ser toppen af isbjerget.
    Ud af 13 undersøgte stoffer har ni vist sig at være hormonforstyrrende. De sidste fire kan ikke frikendes, konkluderer forskere fra det danske Center for Hormonforstyrrende Stoffer.
    Med DTU Fødevareinstituttet som projektleder har centret netop afleveret en rapport til Miljøstyrelsen med en slags listernes liste over mistænkte hormonforstyrrende stoffer og vurderet den videnskabelige litteratur for en række af stofferne.
    PersonsSofie Christiansen
  • TitleMajor Danish study identifies nine new EDCs
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media name/outletChemical Watch
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionThe Danish environment ministry has published a major study that identifies nine new substances as endocrine disruptors based on "solid scientific evidence".
    The study, commissioned by the Danish EPA and carried out by researchers from the DTU Food Institute and the University of Southern Denmark, screened thousands of chemicals for endocrine-disrupting properties.
    Bisphenol AF (BPAF), considered an alternative to bisphenol A (BPA), is amongst them. Earlier this year an NGO called on EU regulators to "phase out" the use of groups of similar chemicals to prevent substitution of one hazardous substance with a related one that has similar properties.