Establishing trust in hybrid work – the role of people and technology

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When it comes to hybrid work, it is widely acknowledged that it is here to stay. Across the world, people gained experiences with the positive effects of working from home and reshaping work, which has resulted in a call for more flexibility post-pandemic. Moreover, the energy crisis and a need to reduce office costs require more flexible use of the office and working from home.

When working in different places, people like team members, or employees and their managers, need to connect and work together. Technology like video conference systems, groupware, telerobots, and virtual reality helps overcome distance, so people can collaborate and participate in meetings virtually. Sensors can be used to register whether someone is sitting at a table to turn on or off the light and heating to save energy.

Where technology facilitates distance- and remote work, a core prerequisite is trust among colleagues and between managers and employees, i.e., trust that the work can be and is being done.

Period13 Dec 2022

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Media contributions


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