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Efter aftale med Tine Licht, som var en del af det studie, produceren spurgte ind til, sendte jeg dette svar:

Thank you for your interest in research from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark. However, the study you are referring to is – as far as I am able to ascertain – by no means a new study. If you are referring to the study described in the attached, it is in fact ten years old.

Most of the scientists who were part of this study no longer work here and the institute has not carried out further research into Listeria monocytogenes and vacuum packing. As the bacteria continues to be the subject of many scientific studies around the world, we would encourage you to seek comment from other sources on the risks related to this pathogen and various forms of food packaging.


Listeria vækst i vakuumpakkede fødevarer
Period30 Aug 2016

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Media contributions

  • TitleListeria vækst i vakuumpakkede fødevarer
    Media name/outletNTV Broadcasting Company
    Media typeTelevision
    Producer/AuthorProducer Daria Lyubina
    PersonsMiriam Meister