Book Review: America’s Blind Spot: Chávez, Oil and US Security by Andrés Cala and Michael Economides

  • Luis Rafael Boscán Flores

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    Latin America holds some of the world’s biggest oil reserves, but unstable political events in the region are hindering its potential, especially in Venezuela. Global U.S. security would benefit from a revamping of outdated policies towards Latin America, argue Andrés Cala and Michael Economides. This is a blind spot in American politics, one that threatens U.S. geopolitical and economic interests. In this book, the authors aim to offer a thorough analysis of key geopolitical and economic threats to the U.S., highlighting the need for a new Latin American policy doctrine based on military and strategic priorities. Reviewed by Luis Boscán.


    Energy Policy, Politics

    Period22 May 2013

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    Media contributions