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I have explained that we have used two different models to estimate a) the total incidence of cases in the population, and b) the burden of disease in terms of DALYs. These models use different approaches and probability distributions, which leads to differences in the final estimates, as explained as a note on table 9 of the full report. We believe that our results are useful to highlight the need for continuing and strengthening food safety policies in the country.


Burden of foodborne diseases’ Report published. The journalist wanted to clarify the difference in the number of total estimated cases for campylobacter as presented in the Danish summary’s table and the report’s text. Also asked about the real meaning of the difference between reported and estimated cases, and the utility of these results for risk management policies.
Period13 Nov 2014

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleBurden of foodborne diseases’ Report
    Media name/outletEngineering weekly
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    Producer/AuthorBirgitte Marfelt
    PersonsSara Monteiro Pires