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Dear Kate Trollope,

DTU Food is committed to offering advice to government administration, primarily in regard to risk assessments. Though on request from government administrations, we can also offer advice on what mitigation measures that potentially could be implemented. However, our institute has no role in deciding what measures of risk management that should be implemented.
Therefore we cannot speak on behalf of what mitigation measures Denmark would like to see implemented.
Please contact the Danish veterinary and Food Administration for information regarding the Danish position on this issue.

Best regards
Christine Nellemann


Akrylamid møde i EFSA vedr. høring. Risk management.
Period11 Dec 2014

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Media contributions

  • TitleAkrylamid møde i EFSA vedr. høring. Risk management.
    Media name/outletEU Food Policy
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    Producer/AuthorKate Trollope
    PersonsChristine Nellemann